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RPC (Reaper Project Cleaner)

Reaper Project Cleaner is an easy to use Windows application that removes unused audio files from project folders. The build-in cleaning command in Reaper ("clean current project directory") is not aware of the other projects that are located in the same folder. Under these circumstances you'll lose all audio files that are used in those other projects. This tool scans all audio files in the current working directory and checks if they are used in any of the projects located at the same folder. Then RPC can move the unused files into recycle bin.

  • Supports .wav, .flac, .mp3, .aif, .ogg, .opus, .wv. Cleans also the relevant reapeaks.
  • Clean project folders without opening your projects in Reaper.
  • "Intelligent scanning" - takes into account all projects in the working directory.
  • Displays statistics, missing files, files that are not in project folder.
  • Very small system footprint: Just about 127KB.
  • Requires .NET framework 3.5 (should be natively supported from Windows 7 onward).

Usage: Copy the program into any folder you wish (or desktop) and run it from there.

EULA: The usage of this tool is entirely at your own risk.