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Welcome to Sonic Anomaly audio software site. Here you can find some freeware VST and Reaper JSFX audio plugins.


Update: HBC-2 & HBC-5

Changed automatic release behavior to be generally little faster.

Update: S.LA.X

Added an option screen for some tone shaping options.

Update: S.LA.X

Fixed some denormalization issues for VST version. Added cpu saving mode when idling.

Update: S.LA.X & VOLA2

Crimsonmerry has very kindly designed wonderful new GUIs.

Update: Whole catalogue

Fixed missing VST Plugin ID.

Update: 5.1 Master Limiter

Added alternative channel ordering. Large cpu performance improvements for the JSFX version. Some internal changes: If replaced directly with the old version, the threshold value may need to be re-adjusted about 0.5dB less for the new version to get similar loudness.

Update: Skope II

Added an option to sync display with playback loop. Thanks Sju & eugen2777 for your contribution!

Update: HBC-2 & HBC-5

Fixed an issue on playback start when the peak detector was used alone. Added a channel link feature for HBC-2

Update: HBC-2 & HBC-5

The gain reduction meters were not displaying RMS properly.

Update: HBC-2 & HBC-5

Some fixes and performance optimizations.