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Welcome to Sonic Anomaly audio software site. Here you can find some freeware VST and Reaper JSFX audio plugins.


Other: Corrupted files

Fixed: TriLeveler and Transpire VST download was offering corupted zip.

News: New Logo, new GUI's

Several plugins have been updated with a new GUI. Thanks goes again to Crimsonmerry for kindly providing the new desings.

New Release, News: Sonic Anomaly

From now on my plugins and scripts are under Sonic Anomaly label.

Also, there are couple of new releases:

  • Leet Delay 2 has been released. The original Leet Delay has been discontinued.
  • SEGX2 dual band gate has been upgraded and released as JSFX and VST. The original JSFX SEG series has been discontinued.
  • RPC (Reaper Project Cleaner) has been updated. The old console version has been discontinued.

Update: QuadraCom

CPU optimizations

Update: HBC-2 & HBC-5

New GUI by Crimsonmerry.

New Release: Quadracom released

Update: HBC-2 & HBC-5

Changed automatic release behavior to be generally little faster.

Update: S.LA.X

Added an option screen for some tone shaping options.

Update: S.LA.X

Fixed some denormalization issues for VST version. Added cpu saving mode when idling.

Update: S.LA.X & VOLA2

Crimsonmerry has very kindly designed wonderful new GUIs.