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You may use the software available on this site freely in commercial or non-commercial audio projects. The software files themselves (jsfx scripts, .exe, .dll, etc.) may not be publicly re-distributed  alone, nor with the projects they been used with, nor with any other software without a specific permission from the author. Neither they are allowed to be sold alone or together with any other software.

The software are provided "as-is" and the author is not responsible for any errors or harm caused by using them. The author holds the copyright and distribution rights.

In addition to the license above, the JSFX scripts are holding the following terms:

Personal usage

You are allowed to modify, copy & paste the source code as you please for your personal needs.

Public usage

If you use the source codes or parts of them in other software applications or scripts which you are going to publicly distribute, you are required to request the authors permission. The usage of the source codes in any commercial products is strictly prohibited.

Copyright © 2013 Stige T.

VST is a Technology and Trademark by Steinberg.


License terms updated 2017/2/9