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Welcome to Sonic Anomaly audio software site. Here you can find some freeware VST and Reaper JSFX audio plugins.


Update: Various plugins

Updated compiler for the older plugins. This should remove the false virus alarms with some anti-virus software.

New Release: Unlimited

Unlimited released.

News: 5.1 Master Limiter

5.1 Master Limiter has been discontinued and replaced by Unlimited.

Update: Bass Professor MK2 & Transpire

Bass Professor MK2 and Transpire has been updated with some fixes for the GUI scaling feature.

Update: Transpire

Added an option for turning output clipping on/off, fixed denormal issues.

Update: Bass Professor Mark II

Fixed denormal issues.

Update: Bass Professor Mark II & Transpire (VST)

Bass Professor Mark II: Scalable GUI for HiDPI screens, stereo processing option, improved CPU efficiency.

Transpire: Scalable GUI for HiDPI screens.

Important note: These plugins have not been developed using JSFX platform and for this reason there is no new JSFX versions available anymore.

Update: Transpire

Fixed incorrect plugin ID.

Update: Transpire

The code has been rewritten with WDL IPlug-Youlean framework. Changes include better CPU efficiency and hopefully improved compatibility with some hosts.

New Release: Transpire

Transpire has been re-released with new GUI and other improvements. The changes include: better cpu optimization, code rewrite, sensitivity control, less latency, tweaks to sound. The original version has been discontinued.